What is WAX Holidays Calendar?

Each day of December starting with 1st to 31st, WAX community will be able to participate daily on giveaways or free drops organized by various creators and influencers from WAX Blockchain. Event is organized by Maxy with support from WAX Team, Alcor Exchange, Taco, NeftyBlocks, NFTHive, AtomicHub & Wombat. If you have any suggestions contact us via Discord or E-mail.

How giveaways work?

Giveaways are free for all. They happen on bountyblok usually and last for 48 hours.
Links to each giveaway can only be found by opening the doors at 00:00.

25 ~ 50 winners

How drops work?

Drops usually happen via The Scientist bot that is available within Discord. Connect your WAX wallet and interact with bot for chances to win one of the available NFTs from prize pool within that day.

Other drops might require whitelisting. Propper guiding on how event will work can be found when opening calendar doors at 00:00.

Drop events are scheduled to start between 17:00 ~ 20:00 UTC
MINT #1 Auction Week by MaxyLabs
Maxylab Multichain Logo


An innovative social project that focuses on a real, commited audience. Project aims toward enhancing the experience between creators and their audience by building an ecosystem around a PoA off-chain token, $MAXCOIN by providing very affordable tools and features on WAX Blockchain.

CB Icon 2022 rounded_00000 - ConsumerBreak


ConsumerBreak is a promotional puzzle game mobile app with NFT & token prizes from various collab projects. Simply drag and drop piece shapes to solve the puzzles and get on the leaderboard to enter to win. The cbreakgaming NFT Collection includes Hybrid Creature art cards and badges with packs, blends & staking.



Future Relic is a groundbreaking venture that transcends traditional filmmaking boundaries by pioneering a revolutionary Filmmaking Experience through NFTs.

Step into the roleplay of "The Wellkeeper," a short film embedded within a captivating narrative spread across various mediums. Our mission is to transform the art of storytelling by seamlessly integrating NFTs into the fabric of cinematic exploration.



NFTDRAFT is the next-generation of fantasy sports! Acquire and collect cards, play season-long for free, and stand a chance to win from a weekly prize pool of 25,000 WAX. You can also rent out your cards, have others play on your behalf, and pocket 70% of their winnings!

Taco Logo


Taco is a tasty Web3 gaming studio on WAX! You can join now and play one of their games: Acryptia, Brigade and Combz. Each game has a different gameplay and different strategies to make the most of it!

Don't like games? Taco has also a fully functioning coin Swap and a Utility App that allows you to interact with WAX literally from everywhere!

QmSvSH5J6PZuLJbKywfHA4gJ1JSMY7bUgtrcxkpYtjzfSe - terramike at gmail


Jumbie Art is a collection of Spectral Art by the Visionary Spectral Artist, Jumbie. With over 15 years in service to the Art Community, Jumbie has been helping artists grow into the digital age with his application of color theory and light.

official_logo2 - Zombie Coin


Zombiecoin is a blockchain-based game that involves farming, exploring, mining, crafting, and evolving in a peaceful world called Zombieland, on the WAX Blockchain.

Waxel World


Waxel is a multi purpose project offering games and collectibles in a charming retro pixel art style.



Litecake is a community project made for all players of all the great games and projects WAX Blockchain has to offer. LTK introduced this year CakeHeads: The Sweetest NFT Collection on chain!

1440x720 - Zübeyir Coşkun


Aphelium is a unique blockchain game on Discord, where space exploration meets strategy and resource management. Players navigate virtual universes, interact with aliens, mine resources, and enhance gameplay skills, embracing both casual and intensive gaming experiences. Its balanced freemium model supports a broad player base, prioritizing fair progression and immersive engagement!



Rada Quest TCG is a game that combines real-time strategy and card collecting. You can produce resources in your realm, power up your deck and earn exclusive rewards in events and quests.


vPunks by WAX

In the vast, untamed expanse of the metaverse, a pulse thrums in the digital wilderness - the rise of 6666 vPunks. These "Rebels of the Virtual Frontier" are not mere pixelated profiles; they are 1-of-1 NFT masterpieces, each carrying a soul of defiance and a taste for adventure.



NFTDRAFT is the next-generation of fantasy sports! Acquire and collect cards, play season-long for free, and stand a chance to win from a weekly prize pool of 25,000 WAX. You can also rent out your cards, have others play on your behalf, and pocket 70% of their winnings!

Wombat Logo


Discover over 150 mainstream and Web3 game titles on Wombat, the platform to be for both casual and hardcore players. Play, earn crypto & NFT rewards and trade your assets effortlessly!

Streamer Avatar - Drew Wasserburger

WAX Pot Headz

Pot Headz started off as a simple stick figure doodle years ago. Always have enjoyed the characters since & improved them along the way. WAX Pot Headz were born to live on the WAX Blockchain. Art Project w/Utilities & a Token $VIBEZ. vIRL coming soon.

Spinnia World


Spinnia World is an economic WAX blockchain game that combines a clever economic system with a modern and visually pleasing design. Immerse yourself in a world filled with adorable creatures, where strategic decision-making and an engaging economy await your exploration and enjoyment.



Warsaken is a military-themed trading card game. With years of game development and playtesting behind them, Warsaken is one of the highest reviewed games anywhere on the blockchain. Play Warsaken Blitz now, with Warsaken Standard and XP rewards for gameplay coming soon. Hold NFTs and claim Loot daily. This is not your father's war game!



Avalon is the world's first multichain online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) built in Unreal 5 engine and on the Polygon/WAX/Binance/IMX blockchains.

Set in a fantasy medieval kingdom, players utilize their NFTs to explore a world of danger and mystery while competing for cryptocurrency and rare NFT rewards. The game is built around both active play-to-earn and passive own-to-earn economies. Inspired by the legend of King Arthur and alternate history of Knights templar, this game challenges every player to undertake a thrilling adventure in their quest to ultimately claim their very own seat among the Knights of the Round Table. Along the way, players earn rewards (i.e. NFTs, in-game AVL tokens) by purchasing, renting, or securing resources as well as collaborating with NFT landowners to acquire and build in-game real estate.

Forge Arena


Forge Arena is a free to play, fast paced FPS game backed by the Blockchain since 2017.
Built by @newgenlabs

Stream Token - Julian Sava


StreamingArt Collection was made by Streamers on Twitch trying to educate more people on NFTs and the Metaverse and it progressed into more due to the community being involved. It is now a Community Project with a Token and a plan to advance even more. We do Weekly Raffle with Mix Prizes from all projects that decide to contribute NFTs. Join our Discord to find out more.


Explore, innovate, thrive. Dive into the ultimate Mars strategy game. Test Mars tech, master the economy, and launch your legacy at thriveonmars.com!



NeftyBlocks is a marketplace on the WAX blockchain that allows users to buy, distribute, and manage NFT collections. It offers a user-friendly UX that enables users to create and sell digital collectibles using the platform's own collection, distribution, and branding tools.

Furthermore, NeftyBlocks also own Alpaca Worlds: a cute, community-driven NFT collection with proof of ownership stored in the WAX blockchain.



Discover the world of Novopangea and be part of the best community as you build your empire in this fun immersive economy style game. Mine in-game resources, stake $NOVO to unlock game features, upgrade your digital game assets and more!

rplanet logo


R-Planet game is the first full-fledged strategy game on the @WAX_io and @binance market in which you can conveniently and effortlessly use Game Assets for multiple uses, which remain in your possession, even outside the game, to have different benefits and gain your aims. Game can be found on both iOS and Android!

ezgif.com-optimize - THE MARTIAN


ACKALIENS is a PFP collection on WAX Blockchain.

pfp-wizard - Emanuele Bucciarelli



Discover a revolutionary tool designed exclusively for passionate NFT collectors. Our PFP Wizard Tools empowers you to showcase your collection's ranking, enhance it with custom layers, and gain access to premium features that take your collection to the next level.



A metaverse convention for the masses onboarding you into web3/blockchain, new tech, art, and communities.

JRG Rapper


Colecionaveis digitais do rapper JRG Rapper JRG's digital collectables. First Brazilian rapper NFT creator. (2021 April first NFT released at WAX Blockchain)

The music can connect us in so many different levels. JRG is doing Music, NFTs, and collectables for all music fans around the world! Exclusive contents, royalties shares, sales participation and a lot more among rap music, hiphop culture, collectables and real world items.

Logo-X - gürki


A metaverse adventure that begins with mining in a unique universe. Players can create their own projects within The Open Space universe, share their own community's content, and develop their own projects in the future. With mining and trading mechanisms on the 3 planets currently discovered, players can enjoy Web3 with many innovative mechanisms while experiencing a unique user experience.



LandBox is a creative 3D world built with Voxels, offering a unique gaming experience where you can construct and showcase your creations on your land. With a variety of game modes available, LandBox caters to all types of gamers.

logo - Karlo Turk(1)


NFT Battle Miners (NBM) is your portal to the Arcadian system, a massive multiplayer online universe where everyone can play for free and earn real money! In NBM, you can create your own character and play as a miner exploring Arcadia looking for its wealth. Trade, sell, upgrade, fight, the choice is yours!

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